About us

Yoga by YoKer

Katharine York and Paul Kerman have been practising yoga around the UK and on as many holidays as possible for 15 years. In fact any break away from home usually results in a hunt for yoga classes in the area, and the amazing places we have found gave the inspiration to set up Louth Yoga Studio.

We want to provide a dedicated place for quiet activities. Somewhere with classes for visitors to drop in and stretch tired muscles from walking in the Wolds, somewhere for runners and cyclists to improve their range of movement, somewhere for yoga beginners and addicts alike to try different styles. More than that, somewhere with enough classes on that even if your shift pattern is variable or work/family take you away from home, there will always be a class you can attend.

We occasionally break into yoga at the most unusual of places – and you’ll see that being dedicated does not always mean taking ourselves seriously. Here we are taking time out from our other obsession – gliding!

We’d love to share your yoga journeys πŸ™‚

Airfield yoga