Challenging my resolve

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I see them fail too often.

I haven’t given something up for Lent since I was at school (and even that I suspect was under pressure from adults who didn’t want chocolate in the house weakening their resolve!).

I am up for a challenge though, so long as it’s an achievable stretch, something I’ll feel proud of having done but not defeated from the outset.

That’s why I’m setting myself a Lent challenge this year and you are welcome to join me, either subscribing to this blog or joining our group on Facebook.
Every day there will be a yoga pose or Pilates exercise for you to try.

Feel free to post comments on how you are getting on, photos if you’re feeling brave – and if you don’t manage it every day, smile, forgive yourself, and come back with enthusiasm when you can 😀.

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