Do yoga to me

Traditional Thai Massage – perfect for lazy yogis

If you are feeling tired and achy, but yoga sounds just too much like hard work, then the solution is to let someone else do it for you!

Thai massage is much more dynamic than other types of massage you may be more familiar with. You still get to spend an hour lying down, but your limbs are moved around in a similar way to doing a yoga class, just without the effort from you.

Where other massage techniques focus on rubbing muscles, the Thai system involves the compressing, pulling, rocking and stretching, which is why it feels like having yoga performed on you. Also you remain clothed while your arms and legs are manoeuvred and manipulated.

In fact, it’s as much a workout for the person delivering the massage, as she uses her bodyweight to get deep into the knots of tension you are holding in your arms, legs and back. Thai massage can be very intense, and the sensations aren’t for everybody, so an alternative is a gentler massage combined with aromatherapy to give the same benefits.

At Louth Yoga Studio

Traditional Thai Massage is now available as a service at Louth Yoga Studio, with options including:

  • foot and hand massage
  • back, neck and shoulder
  • aromatherapy
  • full traditional massage

Regular days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, although appointments may be available at other times, so it is worth checking. Contact Mae direct to book your appointment.

2 thoughts on “Do yoga to me

  1. Hi
    Can you please tell me if there are any Yoga Nidra classes scheduled for the near future. I have limited mobility and am very interested in a class that will help me de-stress mentally.
    Many thanks

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