Do you get 10,000 steps a day?

I know I don’t. At least not on weekdays. I hardly need an app or gadget to count my steps during the week.

When I do move, if I pay close attention to my technique, it’s more of a controlled fall as my weight pitches forward, the ball of my foot takes the impact and the other leg swings into action. Tension and damage build up throughout the body in this way, and some headaches can be resolved lessening the impact of walking.

Basically, I go from house to car, from car park to office, up a few stairs and reverse it at the end of the day. I could probably stay under three figures if I didn’t need to go to the loo every now and then! I do try to keep moving during the day – simple things like accompanying whoever has offered to make a cup of tea rather than remaining glued to my seat (and of course there’s the obvious relationship between volume drunk and number of trips to the loo, so I score double for that!).

My life is, or could be, very sedentary, which is why I push myself to get out to exercise classes, why I’m happy that our studio is on the second floor, and why I’m delighted to be hosting some amazing new workshops to improve your posture and get you walking more comfortably. Some are during weekdays, one is on a Saturday, so hopefully everyone will get a chance to attend at least one.

Kathy Cummings is introducing Restorative Exercise to Lincolnshire. Based on biomechanics and the philosophy of Katy Bowman  (author of books such as Dynamic Aging and Whole Body Barefoot) these workshops will target your alignment and provide gentle stretches and corrective measures to get you moving with ease.

The six week programme starting in February takes you through alignment, the feet, the hips, the core, pelvic health, neck and shoulders and walking. You can pick and choose which session to attend, or save by booking the full course (£10 per session separately, £50 for the course).

The Saturday Indoor Walking Workshop is a two and a half hour intensive session on 3rd March [POSTPONED] to put a spring in your step and get you out and about as the days are getting longer. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to learn more and reserve your place (£20).

If you need more encouragement to get out and get walking, let Helen Sanders tell you about how you can use walking to lose weight.

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