Falling without style

Does this even count as a confession? Well, maybe it does if you are reading this assuming that somebody who’s done yoga for a long time is “good” at it and therefore has amazing balance.

I fall over when I do yoga.

Not all the time, but fairly often. I actually think it’s a good thing. Although on the flip side I would *love* to not have wobbly days!

When I wobble, my body is always telling me something, and sometimes I’m smart enough to listen. Some days it’s really basic – the room is too hot, I’ve eaten too much or too little. Over-heating gets me every time, I lose the focus I need to hold a balance and it just doesn’t work. If something like that is affecting me, the message is “ease up, back off, conserve your strength.”

Other days it’s much more a mind problem – too many thoughts, ideas or worries literally disturbing my balance. If it’s troubling me in yoga, it’s troubling me all the rest of the time, I just may have been trying to ignore it. Yoga gives me the space and insight to acknowledge that all is not well, and that’s the first step towards addressing it.

And then there are the days when everything is working well and I push too far. That’s when I giggle as I topple, because I’m playing with the edge – can I get better, go further, be stronger? Yes, there’s also a lesson in there about trying too hard, but done in a spirit of playfulness there’s no real harm.

Do you feel like testing your balance and laughing at yourself at the same time (or at me, that’s allowed too!)? Join us at Louth Yoga Studio and give it a go!

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