Meet the people who will be running your classes

Introduction to each of the instructors, what they teach and what to expect from their classes.

Susan Waller

Susan is an experienced yoga instructor holding teaching qualifications with both the British Wheel of Yoga and Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. 

She has been practising yoga since 1997 and has been teaching since 2006. She has also travelled extensively with her yoga practice, studying with teachers in India, Ireland and Central America. 

In her classes Susan brings together her experience of various styles of yoga and aims to strike a balance between effort and ease – gently warming up towards more challenging postures and finishing with breathing practices and relaxation. She has a hands-on approach to teaching and you should leave the class feeling like you’ve worked your body and nourished your whole being.

Annie Meredith

Annie went to her first yoga class at the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Putney in 1996. Five years later she was teaching there herself. From 2004 – 2006 she was a full-time yoga teacher, working in gyms and yoga studios in London. For the last few years she’s worked as a freelance editor within the yoga community, helping specialist yoga teachers to write their teacher training courses. In 2018 she returned to yoga teaching, after settling near Louth.

She has general yoga teaching qualifications from the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and the British Wheel of Yoga. She holds specialist teaching qualifications in pregnancy yoga with the Birthlight Trust, and yoga nidra with The British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Nidra Network. She has trained in breathwork with Ben Wolff.

Annie aims to make her classes welcoming, relaxing and fun. She practices yoga because it makes her happy, and she hopes to make it this way for her students too.

Jo Mansfield

Jo leads the Power Pilates classes where you can challenge your core while she keeps the class intensity high, but always lighthearted.

Wendy Cadwallader

Before she retired…

Wendy trained as a dancer and choreographer, obtaining a Master’s degree. After a spinal injury she went on to train with Werner Kieser in Cologne, Germany, joining the company in Camden. She also trained in Alexander Technique and worked with the injured. Taking the best of her dance training and knowledge, her unique movement sequences incorporate Alexander Technique to gently retrain the body to maximise good posture, strength, flexibility and grace.

Katharine York

Katharine set up Louth Yoga Studio after finding so many great yoga studios around the UK and abroad, places where she could try different styles, with different instructors, any day of the week. Coming home she was always disappointed that there wasn’t a single place to attend that offered that same experience, where she could drop in and out of classes regardless of last-minute crises at work or having to travel.

Katharine has been practising a mix of astanga, vinyasa flow and hatha yoga for over 15 years. She holds a British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Diploma and is currently enrolled on a 250-hour teacher training course with her original yoga instructor, Richard Adamo.

When not bending and stretching, she is usually found on the airfield at Lincolnshire Gliding Club, introducing people to the thrill of flying like a bird!