I’ve lost my off switch

I called this blog Confessions of a Lazy Yogi for a reason, and that reason is that I’m lazy. I’m often to apathetic to exercise, even when I know it’s what I need.

So why is losing my off switch a problem? Well that’s the switch in my mind, which is always on. I’m thinking all the time, busy with planning, organising, fretting, never letting go. Does that sound familiar?

I know that the two problems are related at times – the reason I don’t feel like exercising is that my mind is just too busy, sometimes feeling overwhelmed, usually not wanting to take time out to do something purely physical. The lie my mind feeds me is that it has to be on, and I have to allow it all the time it needs to either be doing things or recovering from having done too much.

The truth is that my mind is wrong, misguided, deluded. It’s trapped in an anxiety cycle that can’t be fixed by just doing more of the same. When I do something more physical or concentrate on my breathing, I can access the off switch my conscious mind doesn’t want me to know about. While I’m focussed in the moment I can let the day to day worries settle, rest from all that frenetic thinking and worrying. I emerge from yoga or meditation refreshed and relaxed. I might have just as long a list of tasks ahead of me, but they don’t feel so critical and they generally look more manageable.

The amazing thing about opening Louth Yoga Studio is that although I have all the pressures of setting up a new business, I get to practice yoga and relaxation every day. My batteries are recharged routinely, I meet lovely people who bring positive energy to class and we get to have fun trying out silly postures. The greatest compliment I’ve had lately is a description of some of our new members who apparently come home “buzzing” after class – and they’ve been coming three or four times a week so they are obviously enjoying it! If you want to share in the yoga buzz, come along to Pawnshop Passage and find out what we’re up to, or join our Facebook group to get to know people before you even arrive.


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