Pain-free hair-free: why sugaring beats waxing

I’ve heard Kim of Sweet & Smooth talk with passion about the products and system she uses to remove hair, and I’ve heard happy clients talk with pleasure about the experience, and I finally got around to trying it for myself.

Step 1: Chalk

Advice before you go

Don’t use any oils or moisturiser (including soap that contains moisturiser) the day of your treatment or the hairs won’t stick!

If you usually shave, stop for as long as you can bear before your appointment. If you shave frequently, the hairs are all at different stages of growing and it will take multiple treatments to catch them all, leaving you feeling like the effects don’t last very long.

What’s involved

The room and environment are very calming and pretty, and Kim makes you feel that you are in capable hands. She sprinkles chalk over the target area so the sugar sticks to the hairs not the skin.

Step 2: Dragging out

Then she scoops out a handful of warm sugar that looks like honey or golden syrup and places it on your skin. She drags it firmly over your skin with her fingertips, which is part of what makes it feel like a massage. Then she peels the sugar back, removing hairs with no sense of them being ripped out.

The sugar is applied and removed in multiple directions so it grabs the hairs no matter which way they are growing.

Step 3: Peeling off

The advantages

The process is gentle enough to be used on the face.

The products are kind to your skin.

The pain is non-existent.

Over time the hairs will become finer and the numbers will reduce.

To book

Kim offers appointments to suit you – weekdays, evenings or even weekends. Contact her on 07775 593911 to book your appointment at Louth Yoga Studio on Pawnshop Passage, Louth.

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