Wholesome, holistic skincare

We do yoga to look after our bodies, hearts and minds. We want to live well and look good. So when a member of the studio explained that her fantastic skin came from using a range of products made with all natural ingredients designed to feed not fill the skin, we wanted to know more.

Vegan skin and hair care

Oils to feed your skin and stimulate collagen.

No parabens, petro-chemicals, synthetic perfumes or mineral oils.

Vegan and vegetarian.

Made in UK.

Also includes the Mr Carter skincare range for men – face, body and deodorant.

Whether your skin is hardy or prone to allergies, spots, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or generally sensitive, these products will leave you looking and feeling healthier.

My experience

My feet and ankles have been a problem area for years – cracked heels and unsightly red raised areas around my ankles (I thought they were ringworm at one point, apparently they are keratosis, a non-threatening thickening of the skin). I’ve been using the Synergistic Body Oil (avocado, peach and grapeseed) on my feet for months and within a couple of weeks the cracks had disappeared. Using it on my arms and legs I realised that the “chicken skin” effect was receding too! I read more on the website and started using Moisturising Cream for people prone to eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis on the blotches on ankles and really wish I’d taken some before and after photos because they have faded so much and I’m only halfway through the tube.

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