When the sofa calls harder than the yoga mat

I’ve been doing yoga for around fifteen years.

By some measures (those competitive comparisons we know we shouldn’t make, but just can’t help), I’m pretty good.

Room to improve, but pretty good.

I love doing yoga so much, I was inspired to open Louth Yoga Studio all because I want a dedicated place where I can go and practice any day of the week regardless of what my work schedule throws at me.

That all makes me sound fairly dedicated, but the truth is that dead lazy is a better description. Do I “go to the mat” every day? No. Do I practice at home when classes are cancelled? Not when the sofa has my name on it. Do I practice in hotel rooms when away with work? Sometimes, but not very hard.

Although I know how good I feel by the end of a session, I need a class to give me the discipline to practise properly, whether that’s as student or instructor. Other people bring out my better self.

I know I’m not the only one. Sometimes all it takes is somebody else expecting you to turn up that gives your motivation that little push you need to get going and do something you know you will enjoy and benefit from. That’s why the studio is there, and from January 2018 it will be welcoming all other lazy yogis with open arms*.

Follow us on www.facebook.com/louthyoga to see what classes we are putting on.

*non-lazy yogis also welcome, from beginners to experts.

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