The air that we breathe

I sneeze a lot. It doesn’t take much to tickle my nose and smoke of any kind is one of the worst offenders. There must be something about the size of particles that is perfect for triggering my defensive responses.

I’m relatively safe from cigarette smoke as I usually only encounter it in well-ventilated areas and the odd bonfire isn’t a problem, but it really gets difficult when smoke is brought in to a yoga class. Usually the doors and windows are shut to keep warmth in, and we are encouraged to inhale deeply as part of the practice. Add a joss-stick into that environment and no matter how pleasant the scent, the smoke alone will have my nose twitching. The sneeze will usually start to build once I’m up on one leg, or deeply into a twist and wondering what the consequences will be for my lower back if I don’t get myself out of the posture before letting rip!

For many instructors, joss-sticks and candles are part of the ritual of yoga, and creating an environment for practice. My approach at Louth Yoga Studio is to introduce an aroma diffuser, that will fill the air with a mist of essential oils, keeping the atmosphere from getting too dry and adding a touch of aromatherapy. Now I just have to hope it doesn’t make a loud hissing noise all the way through class!

We will be a smoke and flame-free zone.

How my nose interprets a joss-stick


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