Relaxation for body and mind

We are proud to offer Traditional Thai Massage, sugaring, hypnotherapy and reiki. All are available to choose as treatments with our gift vouchers as well as to book separately.

Thai Massage

This is a dynamic form of massage often described as “having yoga done to you”. May of Louth Traditional Thai Massage will stretch and manipulate your limbs for a deep and effective massage to correct too many hours behind the wheel or in front of a computer and to address painful shoulders, backs and hips. If a standard Thai massage is too deep for you, the aromatherapy massage offers the same benefits and is a gentler form of treatment. May also offers foot massage and back, neck and shoulder. Contact her on Facebook to book your appointment.

Thai massage with May

Treatments range from 30 minutes to an hour and cost from £25 to £40.

Regular times are Mondays and Tuesdays 2 – 6 and Thursdays 10 – 6. Other times available by appointment. Ask questions or make a booking here.


Sugaring is an all natural alternative to waxing that does not require strips. It is especially beneficial if you experience burns, rashes or prone to in growing hairs and allergies, and is gentle enough for removal of facial hair. The experience leaves you feeling exfoliated and massaged as well as free from unwanted hair.

If waxing, shaving & depilatory creams do not work for your sensitive skin and you struggle with rashes and flare-ups after hair removal come and try sugaring with Kim of Sweet and Smooth. Price varies depending on the size of the area to be treated. Ask questions or make a booking here.